Huffington Post Article: Stop the Madness, by Jonathan Cohn

"There's a miraculous new treatment for schizophrenia that could transform the way we treat mental illness. And then there are the terrible reasons why most medical professionals have never heard of it."

Washington Post Article: Study Suggests New Way to Treat People after first Schizophrenia Episode, by Lenny Bernstein
"Quickly identifying people who have suffered a first schizophrenic episode and treating them with coordinated, sustained services sharply boosts their chances of leading productive lives, according to a major study being published Tuesday. And the treatment can be provided in a typical community mental health setting, the researchers concluded."
NIH Article: Team-Based Treatment is Better For First Episode Psychosis
"NIH-funded study shows early intervention has best outcomes."
BBC News Article: How Schizophrenia Changed the Whole Course of My Life, by Alice Evans
"Alice Evans' life took a different direction after becoming ill with schizophrenia at university."